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4. Dock and Boathouse Renovation

At beautiful Lake Summit near Saluda North Carolina, LG spent nearly two months renovating a dock and boathouse. The original dock was expanded to create twice the space.

A small new dock was built on the opposite side of the boathouse from the primary dock. The second floor of the boathouse is an apartment with a porch overlooking the lake. LG completely renovated the porch, including replacing two original sliding doors with energy efficient French doors.

With the Lake Summit water level reduced for dock repairs, LG began work in early January on this project. Enduring cold, blistery days the team worked to remove all the dock flooring. Discovering rotted framing, LG replaced all the framing for the entire dock. This required working from a boat and often standing in chest deep water. The new dock flooring is two-inch thick pressure treated boards.

A substantial expansion of the primary dock added much needed space for summertime entertainment, swimming, boating, and relaxing. A small dock to be used for paddleboat launching was built on the opposite side of the boathouse. As part of the new dock, LG added a door from the boathouse to provide easy access for both people and paddleboats.

The boathouse porch renovation included new flooring (pressure treated deck boards), new ceiling (1/2 inch exterior-grade plywood), new energy efficient French doors, new ceiling lights, and updated electrical outlets.

The project included replacing outside stairs running from the ground level down to the dock, replacing the flooring on a walkway spanning over the lake from the road to the boathouse, and all new safety rails. Additionally, one entire side of the boathouse required new siding. Rough lumber milled at Sunrise Sawmill was used for the new siding.

The entire boathouse was painted using premium Sherwin-Williams paint. The dock and rails will be stained in late April.

Need dock repairs or an expansion? LG can handle the project. Call us for a free estimate.

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