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1. Fun and Safe Treehouse

LG designed and built a fun and safe treehouse for a family in Greenville South Carolina.

The treehouse is built on an elevated platform under a grand old tree in the backyard.

This treehouse features a sloped metal roof, an upstairs club room with a front porch, a downstairs screen room, a firepole, and a slanted ladder. There are electric lights, wall fans, and USB outlets.

The platform rises ten feet out of the ground on pressure treated wood posts. Strong and sturdy framing is attached to the posts with galvanized bolts. The upstairs club room has a wood deck board floor, open windows, and plenty of space for fun, reading, and naps.

Access to the club room porch is by a slanted wood ladder with rope grab rails. There is a firepole on one side of the porch.

The downstairs screen room is floored. It has lights and fans just like the club room.

This is not your typical tree house. It is the envy of every kid in the neighborhood.

LG can build a basic treehouse (similar size and design to this treehouse) in your yard starting at $9,990. Depending on the features you add (lights, fans, firepole, screen room, etc), the cost will increase. Travel costs are not included in the quoted prices.

Other treehouse designs and sizes are available. LG builds tree houses in the Carolinas and Georgia.

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